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League Rules/Information: Fall 2019 Season

  • Fall 2019 Stix League- October 14th –  December 19th.
  • Winter 2020 Stix League – January TBD – March TBD.
  • Sign up your Team @
  • Or Call 262-415-7513 for more information.
  • Your weekly tee time will be announced over email. Conflict? Don’t worry we are flexible and are willing to assist you with a time and day that works for your two-some.
  • Men, Women, Jr’s encouraged — coed teams encouraged.
  • **Two-Member Team League**
  • 10 Week League
  • 9 holes – Combined Team Score – Stroke Play – Floating Handicapped League
  • Up Front Cost $300/Group, $150/Person (PLUS TAX).
  • Recurring/Weekly Fee – $10/Group, $5/Person.
  • Sign up for your preferred Day and Time of the Week.
  • Can’t make your scheduled time for the Week? It’s no problem! Call or book online anytime during that week to make up your team’s round. When checking in just mention your team name and we will get you going. We are very flexible!
  • There will be makeups; however, if the group does not make up during the missed week then the group is subject to an additional fee of $10/Group on top of the weekly fee. Total Makeup Fee of $20 for the week.
  • Teams are always allowed to play ahead with no extra fee attached!
  • Simulator settings are predetermined for all 10 weeks.
  • Men will tee off on White Tees (Middle Tees)
  • Women and JR (13 under) will tee off on Red Tees (Forward Tees)
  • Practice Round (HALF OFF 1 hour of Sim Time) – October 7th – 10th (OPTIONAL).
    • Good opportunity to get a feel for settings and prepare yourself for STIX LEAGUE!
  • Week 1 October 14th to 17th – Kiawah Island – Stroke Play (SIM Handicap Determined and averaged with provided handicap)
  • Week 2 October 21st to 24th – Barton Creek – Stroke Play
  • Week 3 October 28th to 31st – Innisbrook Copperhead – Stroke Play
  • Week 4 November 4th to 7th – King and Bear – Stroke Play
  • Week 5 November 11th to 14th – Mauna Kea Resort – Stroke Play
  • Week 6 November 18th to 21st – Oslo Golf club – Stroke Play
  • Week 7 November 25th to 28th – PGA National – Stroke Play
  • Week 8 December 2nd to 5th – Robert Trent Jones The Judge – Stroke Play
  • Week 9 December 9th to 12th – The Gallery North Golf Course – Stroke Play
    • Last Week of Stroke Play, Winner receives two Packer Tickets to Packers vs Bears, December 15th.
  • Week 10 December 16th to 19th – Harbour Town – Final (FUN) Week – 18 hole Scramble
    • Winner of Scramble receives two Packer Jerseys of their choice. 
  • There will be a combined handicap system in place, that will change week by week based off of your individual score. Your initial handicap given during the sign up will be in place for week 1.
  • HANDICAP EXAMPLE: Week 1: Par 36
  • The handicap given is divided into two since it is a nine-hole league.
  • EX: Handicap of 10 would be a in our league.
  • PLAYER 1 and PLAYER 2 are on the same team.
  • PLAYER 1 has an initial handicap of 5 shoots a score of 43 on Par 36, PLAYER 1 score is 38 (+2). PLAYER 2 has an initial handicap of 8 shoots a score of 45, Player 2 score is 37 (+1). TOTAL SCORE for Week 1 is 75 (+3).
  • HANDICAP EXAMPLE: Week 2: Par 36
  • PLAYER 1 initial handicap was 5. PLAYER 1 score for Week 1 was 43, Handicap of 7. PLAYER 1 Handicap for Week 2 would be averaged to a 5+7/2 = 6. PLAYER 1 shoots a score of 44 for Week 2 his handicapped score would then be a score of 38 (+2).
  • PLAYER 2 initial handicap was 8. PLAYER 2 score for Week 1 was 45, Handicap of 9. PLAYER 2 Handicap for Week would be 8.5, which would round up to a Handicap. PLAYER 2 shoots a score of 42 for Week 2, his aggregate score would be 33 (-3).
  • WEEK 2 Team Total Score is 71 (-1). Thru two weeks the teams aggregate score is +2.
  • The handicaps are averaged throughout the rest of the season and based on your scores from the previous week(s). This is to create a fair and competitive league for everyone.
  • The team with the lowest aggregate score by Week 9 wins their names engraved on the Stix Cup and Two Packer Tickets to Packers vs Bears, December 15th!
  •  Week 10 will be an 18 hole scramble, Teams will compete for 2 Packer Jerseys of their choice! 
  • Subs are allowed (must provide initial handicap)
  • We will accept new team sign-ups until October 10th.
  • Teams can invite non-league members to play along during their league round. The non- league members must pay for simulator play.
  • Remember this league is for FUN and to get swings in when you can’t outside. Enjoy our atmosphere with beer, food, and sports playing on the Televisions!
  • QUESTIONS? Message us at or call 262-415-7513.


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